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Part 2: Case - Desmond & Molly

Older & Wiser... Does this scenario sound familiar?

Desmond & Molly Jones have been married for around 40 years. Until recently Molly had a part-time administration job with the local Council... but has now retired to spend more time helping with her grandchildren. Desmond still works full time as a manager in a local business... he is looking forward to retiring in the next couple of years.

They have nearly paid off the mortgage on their home which, despite the troubled times in the housing market, has a market value of around £250k. They have managed to put by ‘nest-egg’ savings of nearly £35k.

So currently their joint assets are in the region of £285k. As they have both lived within their means all their lives, they anticipate that a good chunk of this will still be available to pass on to their family when the time comes.

Like many couples in a similar situation, they have made joint wills leaving their estate in the first instance to each other and then to their children.

While they still currently enjoy good health, they are both aware that at some future date one or other of them may need to go into some form of care - most probably in a residential or nursing home.  For understandable reasons, this is not something that they find easy to discuss with one another; ...however they are broadly aware, but have not considered in any great detail, the fact that the cost of any such care is going to be taken from that partner’s share of their joint assets.

With current care costs approaching £700 per week this means that Molly and Desmond’s assets could be eaten away very quickly…Thus the need to pay for their care can significantly reduce the value of their joint estate - and ultimately their children's inheritance.

Note: Desmond & Molly are fictional characters in a fictional, but true to life scenario.

If this Sounds Familiar

Of course your specific circumstances are going to be different - however if your situation is in any way similar then you need to be aware that there are sensible steps that can be taken to preserve your assets for the benefit of future generations.

By taking ‘appropriate’ action now the situation can be properly addressed and the bulk of the joint assets protected for the future benefit of your children and grandchildren.

As local experts in family law with a particular knowledge in the complex and difficult area of care home fees, Cullen Kilshaw can undertake appropriate action now to keep any care costs incurred as low as possible.

If you would like to know more, please request a free initial meeting and one of our family law team will be in touch to arrange a suitable appointment.

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