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Cullen Kilshaw has been selling houses in Borders for thirty-five plus years now, and our experience of the property market in our region is second to none. With around 600 pre sales valuations a year carried out, our staff have the in depth knowledge that is so important when it comes to pricing your property for today’s market.

Having agreed the correct price for your home, our nine offices are linked to the Scotland wide SSPC network including Borders Solicitors Property Centre, Edinburgh Solicitors Property Centre and the most popular property portals including Right Move and, offering local coverage and nationwide advertising at a cost you simply cannot match elsewhere.

Ask about our property selling and buying services, right through from the valuation of your current property to handing over the key to your new home, and all at a competitive cost that we agree with you beforehand. Details of our competitive selling services can be found in Selling with Cullen Kilshaw.

 Free Pre-Sale Valuation

Request a Free Pre-Sale Valuation

If you are thinking of selling , why not contact Cullen Kilshaw's expert property sales advisers and arrange for a free valuation of your home? With around 600 pre sales valuations a year carried out, our staff have the in depth knowledge that is so important when it comes to pricing your property for today’s market.

Frequently Asked Questions

Home Inspection

YES! Our website has added functionality which enables us to provide any of our clients with login details to their own unique section of the site where they will find details of all enquiries, viewings, notes of interest, surveys and offers including notes and feedback – and the info is updated in real time.

So as soon as we add a viewing, or a note of interest or some feedback on a recent follow up call it will appear the next time you login. If you would like to find out more information on this service give us a call. Or if this is kind of service you know you will want when you sell your house contact us now to arrange a free pre-sale valuation.

If you were to believe all the recent media coverage, your property is worth less now than it was this time last year. As with most press statements, this shows a general trend in the market place and you ought not to assume that it applies to every property. It is true, however, that in a falling market, it is even more important that you obtain expert advice on the extent to which your property may have been affected. As ever the location, size and general condition of your property are all important in establishing a true market value. Please contact us if you would like us to provide you with a free pre-sale valuation.

The length of time taken to sell properties has lengthened in the current financial climate, and you should not assume that you will be able to sell your house quickly enough to use the free proceeds of sale to help fund the purchase of your next home. Accordingly, we would recommend that in the majority of cases, you should have made real progress with the sale of your own property before committing to the purchase of another. The precise timing of the completion of contracts varies in each case. Please contact our legal department for further advice on your specific circumstances.

The length of time between advertising your property for sale and successfully concluding a bargain is now measured in months rather than weeks. In a market where there are more sellers than buyers, it is difficult to predict how long this will take. It is for this reason that we are currently recommending you complete the sale of your existing property before entering into a contractual obligation to pay across the price of your next home.

The fees that we charge are tailored to the specific circumstances of each property that we are instructed to sell. As part of our free presale valuation service we also provide a detailed estimate of the costs that you are likely to incur both in the sale of your present property and the purchase of your next home. As a general rule, however, you should expect to pay between 1% – 1.5% + VAT for our estate agency service and a further fee for the legal work involved. This amount will vary according to the price paid. You should note that you will also require to pay various outlays such as advertising and search dues in connection with a sale transaction and stamp duty (on a sliding scale between 1% - 4% where the purchase price is greater than £175,000) and registration dues for a purchase transaction.

Please note that with as of 1st December 2008 every seller of residential property is now required to provide a Home Report (see below) that needs to be available to any buyer as soon as the house goes on the market.  The cost of a home report is directly related to the value of your property and is based on a sliding scale starting from around £600.

The Scottish Government passed a law in 2008 that requires every seller of residential property to make available to prospective purchasers a pack of information about the property for sale. The information must be collected and be available before the property is put on the market. The law came into effect on 1st December 2008. The Home Report includes a questionnaire completed by the seller containing a range of information about the property, dealing with such matters as any alterations that may have required planning consent or a building warrant, the providers of the various services such as water, gas and electricity, and a range of other matters. The Report also includes a seller’s survey containing a detailed report on the condition of the property and giving an independent valuation.

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